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About our Spells - What Types of Spells and How they Work

Types of Spells

Blessings - are positive and reflect a strong spiritual nature.

Spells - are spells that change the flow of magical energy to form cause conditions to change toward a positive end.

Curses - are curses that disrupt magical forces and change of the magical flow of energy within the universe.


Three Levels of Power

Spells come in three levels of power. Standard or Beginners, intermediate and advanced. The rituals involved in casting these spells become much more involved the greater the level. Selecting the level of the spell may be determined by the level of importance the spell is to you and obligation to the task. If you are unsure we recommend the beginners or standard level.


More than One Spell to Cast?

You may have more than one spell cast at once, and group orders are commonplace. Though the duration of a spell may be indeterminate we do recommend repeating the spell occasionally to reestablish the magical energy to the task.

Casting Spells takes YOUR Involvement

Spells take involvement, please do not fight the spells you requested by not getting involved.  

Spells work by making things more or less likely to occur. For instance healing spells may help a doctor make a better decision and help repel things that may cause complications.

Spells can not stop all forces of nature but they may direct a few. If you request a lose weight spell and start eating only donuts the spell will not work. You may not gain as much as you would normally but you will continue to gain weight.

Spells may help influence even your own actions to improve the outcome. Deliberately trying to circumvent the spell requested or taking actions or inactions to debilitate the spell is one of the largest reasons a spell may fail, the other is lack of belief.

Belief and commitment of will are two of the largest keystones of all magic.

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Money Back Guarantee

We stand by all our products. Money back guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with the spell after 6 months we will refund your money and reverse all the magical energies involved. This will revoke the spell you requested and thus start to undo most the effect the spell was involved, this may have some unforeseen effects.

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